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'''''Welcome to the official Jump Academy wiki!'''''
{{DISPLAYTITLE:Welcome to the Jump Academy wiki!}}

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Getting started

This wiki is greatly under development. Expect a lot of bugs and mistakes.

  • The discussions section is designed to show changelogs within JA and the wiki.
  • The wiki is an extended version of all the information that is on Jump Academy and associated groups.
  • Most pages are incredibly long, and thus it is recommended to use navigation. If the editor / creator of the designated topic has properly designed his/her discussion, it should be fitted with appropriate headers, such as "Moderators" or "Teachers" under the "Staff" section.
  • Do you have an idea that might help the wiki ahead? Feel free to patch it through to our staff!
  • To browse through the wiki's pages, use the "Search" function in the top right, or on the blue bar on the right, clicking on "All pages"