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What is CallAdmin? What is its purpose?

CallAdmin is a plugin we introduced to help players report rule-breakers. Its used to call a Moderator to help solve an issue when there is not already one on the server. We recommend using this over our current vote commands, since they require a large percentage of the players to pass.

How do I use CallAdmin?

To use CallAdmin, type /calladmin in chat to see open list of players and choose the one you are reporting, and it will ask you to select a reason for your report.  Choose the one closest to the main issue.  Once you have submitted the report, wait for a Moderator to join the server.

In the meantime, you should take screenshots or record demos to provide the moderator as evidence against the offender in case they leave or others dispute your credibility.  We can still apply punishments even if the player is not on the server.

CallAdmin Terms Of Use

Document nomenclature:

  • The term “I” within this document refers to yourself, the user  
  • The terms “we/us/our” within this document refer to Jump Academy, the host and parent group, members of staff of any/all other Jump Academy affiliated individual  
  • The term “JA” will be used as the shorthand form of “Jump Academy”  
  • The term “TOU” will be understood as the “Terms of Use” of the “!call” reporting function  
  • The term “Agree” will insinuate that you both understand and will oblige by the TOU and any other affiliated information TOU information  
  • The term “report/report function” will be a reference to the “!call”, which the user will be utilizing to draw attention to infractions of the Jump Academy Rules and Regulations


  • By continuing use of this service, the report function, I, the user, agree to not abuse, misuse, or otherwise utilize the report function in a manner outside of its intended use to punish individuals whom are breaking Jump Academy rules.
  • I agree to follow all rules present in this document, as well as all instructions provide by members of Jump Academy staff of rank Moderator or higher regarding the use of the report function.
  • I agree to the terms that any infraction of the Report TOU by myself are grounds for punishment, up to and including total removal (ban) from Jump Academy and affiliated servers, and understand the extend of the punishment I may be subject to.
  • I agree to, and understand that I must, abide by the TOU regardless of rank.

Section 1: Abuse

False reporting
A “False Report” is any kind of report which misrepresents the situation present in the server in which the call is being sent from. This includes reporting someone for any reason other than an infraction of JA rules.
Spamming of reports
Report “spamming” is the act of sending multiple reports which may or may not fall under the “false reporting” category.

Section 2: Misuse

Incorrect report type for infraction
Reporting someone for anything other than what rule they are actively breaking. For example, if someone is “Spamming” voice communications, whether it be music, their voice or anything else, they should be reported for “voice chat spam (or an option indicative of such an action)” and nothing else.
Multiple reports
Reports are sent automatically to staff after you follow through with the report command. Members of staff are aware that an infraction of the rules is taking place and will come as quickly as possible to deal with the situation. Reporting the same user for the same reason will only result in us seeing the exact same message which we are already attempting to respond to. This also goes for requesting other users to report an individual you have reported.
Unwarranted use of report function
There are other functions in place to assist the community in dealing with people who would see fit to spam chat or voice communications. Those should be used in their respective cases before the report function is used. If a vote on a rule breaking individual fails, or is avoided by said individual, and the rule breaking persists proper use of the report function is authorized.

Section 3: Punishment

Awareness statement

These punishments are available for ALL users of Jump Academy regardless of rank.

Punishments for Abuse of report

Any abuse, intentional or otherwise, is grounds for the highest level of punishment. Any infractions falling into this category will result in punishment including, and potentially combining, but not limited to:

  • Demotion of rank, regardless of rank  
  • Stripping of rank  
  • Temporary bans from the specific server  
  • Permanent bans from the specific server  
  • Permanent IP bans from all Jump Academy related servers or services  
Punishments for Misuse of report

Any misuse, intentional or otherwise, is grounds for punishment. Any infractions falling into this category will result in punishment including, and potentially combining, but not limited to:  

  • Kicking from server
  • Demotion of rank  
  • Temporary bans from server


Intentional abuse and/or misuse of the report function is grounds for a ban, without exceptions. By utilizing this function I agree to the ‘!call’ TOU