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                                                                            General Disclaimer

 Jump Academy wiki does share links with profiles associated to steam accounts, and 3rd party websites unrelated to steam. Jump Academy wiki also shares 3rd party information related to a steam game called Team Fortress 2. Jump Academy wiki will also use explicit information regarding steam profiles in regards to our staff, and other important members of our community. We use this information with intent to display publicly and/or non-private our interests with Jump Academy. We use the steam name legally and we are not using any information that may be seen as illegal, or an act of violation regarding steam policy. Jump Academy will only display information regarding steam and will NOT tolerate any miss-use of information gathered from this wiki.    

Jump Academy also includes information from contributors of this wiki, and will not disclose information regarding these fellow contributors. We abide by all legal matters on the internet, and this wiki will be used for informational purposes only. Any other use is not permitted.