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Privacy Statement 

     Jump Academy is a steam community group, dedicated to bringing Team Fortress 2 related servers. Intended purposes are for practicing Soldier and/or Demoman jumping. We also provide 3rd party information related to how to and/or information related to character jumping in Team Fortress 2. We provide a wikipedia how-to (consisting of instruction sheets, information on staff, and contact support), and a 3rd party website for general information on Jump Academy (Here). For the users of this Wiki page and its visitors, we have made this Privacy Policy page so we can demonstrate our #1 priority on the internet: The safety of users and its contributors.  Information from the Wiki page is solely from the content creators and staff team members of Jump Academy. No third party or contributor not associated with Jump Academy, will not be able to edit information on this Wiki. We also provide a policy statement to show what information we gather regarding wiki contributors/site users. 

The Privacy Statement will explain the following:
  1. Information we gather at Jump Academy Wiki.
  2. How we gather your information on Jump Academy Wiki.
  3. How we use your information on Jump Academy Wiki.
  4. To whom the information we gather is sent to.

1-Information we gather at Jump Academy Wiki:

  • Jump academy will only gather a required email and password for contributors. Other information (D.O.B, location, etc) is optional and not required. Please note that when a user puts private information onto their page, the user has made the information public to Jump Academy. No person is allowed to use /gather that information for any reason. 

2-How we gather your information on Jump Academy Wiki:

  • Information gathered from contributors to the jump academy wiki are stored securely in a database, with access denied to anyone who isn't the user who uses the information. We only gather your email and password, and it is to be setup by an administrator of the wiki. No one else is permitted to see the information given by the user.

3-How we use your information on Jump Academy Wiki:

  • Jump Academy Wiki will only use information that the user has made public on their page.We only gather information that the user provides, and we use it to give them permissions to edit/create pages. 

4-To Whom the information we gather is sent to: 

  • Personal information (E-Mail, Passwords, Location, etc) will not be disclosed to any person who is not associated with a direct wiki contributor account, and in no such case (even for legal purposes), shall private information be released to the general internet. Wiki contributors are entitled to have their private information non-disclosed and will prohibit any 3rd party from obtaining said information.
  • Illegal activities such as (posting of child pornography, posting of planned terrorist activities, etc) will lead to a termination of your account and will cause a report to local authorities.